Stray Ami Soundtrack - Part 1

by Trevor Hamer

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For Zina

You ever find it hard to move furniture on your own? Isn't it easier with even one other person?

When Squeak first asked me if I wanted to do music for this show he described it as "the life of a little girl from the point of view of her imaginary friend", and an artsy children's show with a decidedly French flair. After swapping some stories from our own childhoods, we made a decision for the music to have a fairly melancholic tone. We agreed that there were many children out there who have experienced a dark time in their life, whether it be the loss of a loved one, feeling singled out or just simply rocky times. The music needed to recognize this, hopefully validating some hidden or buried feelings. No one should have to feel alone.

The day I was to put ink to the page I received a phone call from my wife, saying our friend Zina had passed. The news was extremely painful. I hadn't known Zina for long, and she was very young, but she showed me what it looked like when someone had the courage to aggressively be themselves.

That was the day I wrote Andale's Theme.

Honesty, when it comes to yourself, can be elusive. The moment you think you know yourself completely you stumble over a coffee table or sofa once covered with the sands of time. "Who put that there?" you might ask. But you know the answer. Hopefully you also realize you don't need to try to move it on your own.


released July 15, 2014



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Trevor Hamer San Diego, California

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